Webshop for scatter sweets, chocolate initials, delicacies and give-aways

Order online - worldwide delivery of Saint Nicolas goods like Black Peter's scatter sweets with ginger snaps or spice nuts, chocolate letters from A to Z in milk chocolate, dark/bitter sweet chocolate of Droste and, Verkade. Choose chocolate money like Euro coins, BITCOINS or chocolate banknotes, delicacies like a pure almond pastry roll, spiced biscuits, gingerbread, marzipan, fondant. To make the party complete order customs of Saint Nicolas or Black Peter and decoration materials. A collection of sweet give-aways is available as childrens treats.

scatter sweets
ass.scatter sweets
 spice nuts & ginger snaps
weight50g - 3kg
pricefrom € 8,31 / kg
chocolate letters
weight135g - 180g
pricefrom € 4,25 / letter
mold1 Euro coins 38mm
 Euro coins 28mm
 Euro coins 22mm
flavormilk chocolate
pricefrom € 0,85 / net
e.g.almond paste roll
 spiced biscuits
pricefrom € 3,95 / pc
Sweet Give-aways
e.g.candy bags
 theme chocolates
 cuddly toys
 gift paper
prijsv.a. € 0,54 / st
costumsSaint Nicolas
 Black Peter
pricefrom € 25,-